Voi and Mombasa, Kenya – Immersion

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Karibu Sana Kenya – Welcome to Kenya!

KY13Gr_003They say that those who enter into mission fall into the dance of the living God. Indeed the rhythms of Africa are ones of dances. Maryknoll Lay Missioners (MKLM) in Kenya will introduce us to this dance of life in this beautiful and diverse East African nation. Most know Kenya for her stunning landscapes and abundance of wildlife. Participants of MKLM’s upcoming Friends Across Borders trip to Kenya will experience not only Kenya’s natural beauty, but will also have the opportunity to walk with Kenyan people on their daily journeys.

Humanity’s first footsteps were taken in East Africa. Since then, the people of this region have navigated a long, rich, and often arduous road. Our home bases will be Voi, the largest town in Taita-Taveta County in southern Kenya, in the former Coast Province, and Mombasa, a city on Kenya’s stunning coastline.

Maryknoll Lay Missioners will be our hosts; they will share and celebrate with us the unique gifts of African culture: a spirit of generosity, hospitality, and hope, an emphasis on human relationships, and a pervasive and strong spirituality. The Kenyan people face conditions of extreme poverty, health crises, including malaria, TB, and HIV/AIDS, lack of access to education, rampant corruption, violence, rapid population growth, and chaotic urbanization. We will witness the commitment of MKLM missioners as they attempt respond to these challenges both by addressing their root causes and by addressing the basic needs of the people who are impacted by them.

Experiential Education:

KY13M_001The focus of the trip is meeting and making friends with Kenyans and learning about their culture, faith, and history. The experience will showcase the ministries of Maryknoll Lay Missioners in Kenya.

Requirements for any trip to Kenya:

In order to have a great time please consider these guidelines:

  1. Doing the visits to the different ministries and enjoying tourist sites requires ability to walk, unassisted, up to 45 minutes without stopping and ability to remain standing for up to 30 minutes.
  2. Ability to climb up and down stairs – getting in and out of transportation, accommodation sites, and from airplanes without walkways.
  3. Ability to do without electricity as the need arises.
  4. Ability to eat a variety of foods, vegetarian diets can be handled.
  5. Ability to not be severely impacted by high level of air pollution, dust and noise associated with Mombasa and Voi.
  6. Willingness to be different; due to physical traits such as skin complexion, language, clothing and other individual characteristics.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kenya!