San Salvador, El Salvador – Immersion Program


Specifically created for Maryknoll Affiliates

November 16 to 19, 2017

Deadline for Sign Ups: Clossed

Bienvenido, Bienvenida a El Salvador – Welcome to El Salvador

JFES15_0029Maryknoll Lay Missioners (MKLM) and Maryknoll Affiliates invite you to an experience centered in the radical encounter with “the other” and with God as God is expressed not only in our own traditions, but in the sacred stories, traditions, history and culture of other peoples.

As you enter the lives of the people of El Salvador, you will be accompanied by Maryknoll Lay Missioners to go beyond the boundaries of your own culture, meeting and making friends with Salvadorans and learning about solidarity. However, the road to solidarity and sharing with the poor has its risks. The life of the common people in El Salvador is a difficult reality, and you must be aware the country is in a critical and very conflictive moment in it its history. The fact that El Salvador had the highest murder rate in the world for countries not at war in 2015, with the same level continuing in 2016, and the fact that the Zika virus is prevalent here must be taken into consideration. We take all precautions to keep you safe, and US citizens are not targeted in any way, yet you may experience vicarious trauma, such as witnessing extreme poverty or seeing a body, from gang violence or from motor vehicle accidents, along the highway. To join this trip, you must seriously read all materials FAB provides before committing to making the trip to El Salvador.

What We Will Do ThereJFES15_0019

  1. Visiting with MKLM missioners to projects including health through nutrition, Christian base communities, literacy, youth ministry, community development, HIV/AIDS outreach and support, and agricultural and environmental work.
  2. Visiting the Jesuit martyrs’ site and participate in the Festivities at the UCA including a Memorial Mass.
  3. We’ll learn about the lives and culture of the Salvadoran people and share with Salvadorans about their faith, hopes and challenges.

Logistics and Costs

Prior to leaving, Friends Across Borders will provide an orientation which will include education about important cultural norms to follow during the trip. Our in-country guides will be Sam Stanton and Peter Altman, Maryknoll Lay Missioners. You will be accompanied on the entire trip by them.

TOTAL COST: $ 375 (ground cost plus registration fee).

This covers the program registration fee, all lodging and meals in country, all transportation within the country, medical insurance with medical evacuation, English-Spanish speaking guides, cultural activities, and tourist fees. International airfare, taxes, and visa are not included. (Roundtrip airfare cost from Miami is approximately $ 520).

Friends Across Borders will provide information on obtaining a visa and immunizations, and will help you make the international flight arrangements. Participants are required to be in San Salvador on the morning November 16 and leave on November 19, 2017 around noon time.

To make a reservation download a Registration Form, fill it out and send it to Friends Across Borders with a copy of your passport and your $ 100 deposit.

Please make sure your passport is valid through May 2018!

We look forward to welcoming you to El Salvador!