Cambodia Immersion Trip Packing List

Please check carefully our suggested list of what to pack. It is very important to pack as light as possible. Please try to limit your personal belongings to one suitcase. This will allow the group of participants to move more quickly during the traveling.

What to Pack (Passport, Passport, and also….)

No packing list is comprehensive. It may all be obvious if you have traveled before. There are things that may turn out to be superfluous or once you get there, might need a few things not on it. With that in mind, please check carefully our suggested list of what to pack below.

Luggage, Documents and other

  • Ideally, pack all you need in a carry-on (not to exceed 21 inches). Enough clothing for one week and interior clothes for two weeks.
  • A small backpack or shoulder bag for a daypack.
  • Bring a money belt, and/or a fanny pack for money (if you use them), passport, plane ticket, make three copies of your passport, one to leave at home a second for FAB manager and a third to have with you at all times, immunization record, prescriptions for your prescription medications, maybe an eyeglasses prescription and medical insurance ID. (Carry these in your purse or shoulder bag)
  • Bring 2 passport size photos to apply for a tourist visa at the Phnom Penh airport.
  • Cash/dollars are accepted everywhere, ATMs are easily accessible, everything is paid in cash. Very, very few places accept payment by credit card.


  • Bring what you normally use: toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, shampoo, soap, deodorant, razor, prescription medications (in the original bottle). Travel sizes are great (3oz). You can buy things in Cambodia such as toiletries, batteries, notebooks, etc., but you may not be able to buy your favorite products. Feminine products (such as tampons) are hard to find so bring what you need.
  • Small packet of tissues as tissue is often not provided in bathrooms.
  • A washcloth (if you use it) and flip-flops or plastic sandals for showers. A bath towel will be provided at the Guest House.
  • A bandana or handkerchief is a good idea. A small mirror can be nice to have.
  • Sunglasses and a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes when touring.
  • A small flashlight and a small lock for your luggage might be good to bring.
  • Sunscreen (high SPF), lip balm (if you need), and a good insect repellent with DEET.
  • Small Nalgene or other good quality water bottle, such as a biker’s bottle.
  • Hand wash-sanitizer or “Moist” towels or germicidal “dry” soap.
  • Contact cleaner.


It is also important to remember that you will be traveling through tropical and very warm climate. Most Cambodians dress modestly. As Maryknollers, we take responsibility to dress in a way that facilitates our ability to have effective relationships with the Cambodians. Appropriate dress is important.

  • For women shorts and skirts must go to your knee. Tank tops are not acceptable by the Khmer standard, shoulder should be covered at all times.
  • When visiting the Royal Palace visitors must have upper arms covered and pants (zip-offs preferable) or dresses to your knee for the Palace and Church. A dress code is strictly enforced at the Royal Palace and visitors can be turned away for failing to follow the dress code.
  • With temperatures in the 90’s there is rarely a need for a sweater or a jacket, however you might need a shawl or long sleeve shirt for A/C during travel, in restaurants and for Saturday evening Mass.
  • If you have a rain jacket that is easily packable, bring it. If not, disposable ponchos are available all over town for less than $1.
  • STURDY SHOES – good for walking, that you can get in and out of fairly easily. Make sure they’re broken in if they’re new. Sandals or flip-flops are the standard. It is important to note that in Cambodia we take off our shoes inside homes, some businesses and at and pagodas.
  • A laundry service is available at your hotel for a nominal fee (not included in the ground cost), but drying machines are not available, therefore it’s advisable to bring lightweight clothing that is easy to wash and hang dry.
  • Pants and Jeans are appropriate for men and women, though jeans are heavy in the heat and take a little longer to air dry.
  • Swimsuit just in case you want to swim at the hotel.
  • Something to sleep in.

Extra accessories

  • Camera and camera charger. Some small adapters will be provided for the group to plug in electrical devices. If you have an all-purpose travel adapter you can bring it.
  • Photos of home and family to share with the people you will visit.
  • Our Cambodia Lay Missioners will have a small first aid kit for the group with basic first aid supplies. If you need something more than basic you can bring them. There are also decent pharmacies within walking distance of your Guest house in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.
  • Reading Material for the airplanes and down time.
  • Journal, Pens, Addresses (if you want to send letters/postcards).
  • Snacks –Power Bars, trail mix, (nothing that would melt easily) beef jerky to kill the hunger pains.
  • Cards or other games for the group.

We suggest you bring the following medications:

  • Some diarrhea or stomach medicine
  • aspirin or equivalent that you use
  • bandages and Neosporin
  • any other medication you are taking.

Keep in Mind

  • Your hotels will have laundry service (that you will need to pay) and also an iron/ ironing board if you need to iron clothes; however clothes that dry quickly and don’t require ironing would be easier to manage.
  • Leave expensive watches, phones, and jewelry at home. If you must bring an expensive phone, be extremely careful with it as phones often get snatched.
  • You can get by on $200 – $300 for personal spending unless you plan on doing lots of shopping for gifts. ATMs are readily available.
  • The fewer electrical appliances the better.

If you have any questions about what to bring, please contact me at

Remember, pack light, pack light!

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